Coraline and wybie best friends

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Coraline and wybie best friends

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Coraline then happily goes back to her real world and tries to make the best of real life. . Omg, what if creepy parents or family friends give a little girl a doll as a gift.

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Here is the Coraline Spoof made by my friends and me.

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Bored in her new home since her parents are distracted by work and she has yet to make any new friends, Coraline passes the time by exploring her new neighborhood with an annoying local boy named Wybie Lovat (.

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Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. . After the defeat of the Beldam, Wybie Coraline have grown closer then ever. Now at the age of 15 t hey are the best of friends. Maybe even more then friends. ook/Coraline/

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Coraline meets oddball Wybie, whose grandmother owns the house, his feral cat, and her strange neighbors, a Russian acrobat who trains mice and two elderly former actresses.

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By John Mulderig Catholic News Service. As she learns the truth of the old admonition about making wishes carefully, Coraline overcomes selfishness, learns to appreciate her blessings and draws closer to family and friends.

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Coraline received universal acclaim,[4] and made $16.85 million during opening weekend, ranking third at the box office.[5] As of September 2009, the film had grossed over $120 million worldwide. Coraline won Annie Awards for best.

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Coraline (voiced by Dakota Fanning) is a lonely, neglected middle-school aged girl. Her family has just moved to a new home far away from Coraline’s two best friends. Her parents (voiced by Terri Hatcher and John Hodgman) are.


. Coraline + Wybie stamp by Metadream proud emo by Fish3Boot OC Tia. All Friends Comments. Wow you are supa pretty. And a talented writer.